Enrolment Procedure


Enrolment Procedures

Application for Enrolment Online
Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child at Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Primary School, Gatton.  Our Lady of Good Counsel is a co-educational school offering placements from Foundation to Year 6. Please find the link below to your child's online application for enrolment.
You will need to click on the link, enter and review the required details, complete and submit the form.
If applying for enrolment for more than 1 student, when the form is completed an option will be available to submit another enrolment for each additional student.
Please contact us directly, should you experience any difficulty completing the online application for enrolment.
To complete your application, there are number of documents that need to be provided to us.  Please forward copies of the following:

• Birth Certificate
• Baptismal Certificate (if baptised)
• Last two school reports and NAPLAN report(s) (as applicable)
• Any medical or learning reports
• and if noted in your application:  Legal Documentation, Medical Action Plan and Student Specialist Assessments

Once we receive these documents, only then is the application considered complete.

Documentation may be emailed to: pgatton@bne.catholic.edu.au
Documentation may also be posted to: PO Box 297  GATTON  4343

Please note, submission of an application does not guarantee enrolment.
You will be notified of the receipt of your application and of the next steps, including an enrolment interview.  It is important that your child or children who are enrolling attend this interview.  Please contact us by phone (07) 5462 2675 or email pgatton@bne.catholic.edu.au should you have any further questions about the enrolment process.
Enrolment Policy
Our Lady of Good Counsel School provides for the educational needs of the children of parish families and the wider community. The primary purpose of OLGC is to nurture and educate the whole child through and by the principles, traditions and teachings of the Church and within a Community of Faith.
In recognition of the importance of the relationship between the Catholic School and the Parish Community and with due reference to Archdiocesan policies and practices, the following criteria are adopted to establish priorities for accepting enrolments.   

 Enrolment Statement

Children applying for Prep must be born within the specific dates as set down by the Government.

  • Eligible children must turn 5 by 30 June in the year they start Prep or at the end of July with support documentation.
  • Interviews for Prep are conducted by the Leadership team in May each year
  • Offers for Prep positions are sent out by June each year.
  • A Prep Orientation and Parent/Carer Information Session will take place during term 4 each year.
  • Other grade enrolments happen across the year as well as an intake at the beginning of each new school year. Late applications or applications for enrolment to commence during the year are always considered with due regard to the eligibility priority criteria. Offers for enrolment for such applications are contingent upon the availability of places in particular year levels.
    A similar process occurs with interviews and offers of places if available.
  • All new enrolments are supplied with school fee information, booklists and uniform requirements.
  • Parents are to familiarise themselves with the Priority Criteria and clearly indicate under which category they intend to apply for enrolment.
  • Children with special needs will be considered in accordance with Brisbane Catholic Education procedures.

 Enrolment Priority Criteria

  • The child is a baptised Catholic whose family can demonstrate involvement in the life, worship and service of the Gatton Parish with a preference for those who have siblings already enrolled.
  • The child is a baptised Catholic whose family can demonstrate involvement in the life, worship, and service of another parish and now seeks to participate actively in the life, worship and service of this parish.
  • The child is a baptised Catholic whose family resides in Gatton Catholic Parish and whose family is committed to and guided by the values of the gospel and the traditions of the Catholic Church.
  • The child is a baptised Catholic whose family can demonstrate involvement in the life, worship and service of a parish community other than Gatton Catholic Parish and has appropriate reasons for not enrolling the child in their own parish school.
  • The child, though not baptised as a Catholic, belongs to a family that can demonstrate some meaningful relationship with a Christian tradition and is committed to and guided by the values of the Gospel and accepting of the traditions of the Catholic Community.
  • The Principal, in consultation with the Parish Priest, may exercise discretion regarding applications where pastoral considerations apply and, therefore, may determine a child's eligibility beyond the stated criteria.

Conditions of Enrolment

  • Families accept the OLGC School Enrolment Policy.
  • The student participates in the school curriculum which includes all  Key Learning Areas, as well as camps and excursions.
  • Parents are expected to continue their involvement in the life, worship and service of the Catholic Parish Community of Gatton, which includes OLGC School. Parents are expected to accept a sincere commitment to give their child every opportunity to experience the fullness of their Faith.
  • Parents are expected to support and encourage the living out of the Gospel values and the standards of behaviour that these imply.
  • Parents are expected to commit themselves to the payment of school fees and charges.
  • Fee concessions need to be negotiated with the Principal. An inability to pay school fees and other charges fully or in part because of family circumstances shall not be an obstacle to admission. Options shall be discussed upon an application for a fee concession.

Our Lady of Good Counsel
PO Box 297
Gatton Qld 4343
Fax: 07 5462 4595   Email: pgatton@bne.catholic.edu.au


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