2022 Book Week - Dreaming with eyes open

2022 Bookweek.jpg

Last week Our Lady of Good Counsel joined with many schools across the country to celebrate The Children’s Book Council of Australia 2022 Book Week. Every year, Book Week is promoted and celebrated as we strive to inspire in children a love of reading that we hope stays with them for life. The first Book Week was held in 1945 when it was identified that there was a shortage of good Australian children’s literature. In understanding the time 1945 you could imagine that as WWII was coming to an end, families were finding comfort and enjoyment in spending time together reading stories. Since the introduction of Book Week by the CBCA many great Australian authors and illustrators have emerged, with many great Australian children’s books being
enjoyed by families and placed on bookshelves around Australia.

This year our Explicit Improvement Agenda has focussed on improving reading outcomes of students, through the explicit teaching of guided reading strategies. It is our hope that by improving students reading ability and by modelling a love of reading, children will be inspired to embrace the love of literature. Reading is such an important life skill that is key to all learning. Reading helps to expand your vocabulary, helps improve your focus, memory skills and self-esteem. Once you find your favourite genre it can be a very rewarding and relaxing as you immerse yourself in the text. This year’s Book Week Theme was ‘Dreaming with eyes open’. Through the Book Week activities, illustrator visit and Book Week Character Parade it is hoped that together we opened children’s eyes to the world of wonderful Australian literature and inspired in them a love of reading.

Thank you, parents and carers, for the amazing support you have provided your children last week ​as you supported them in creating amazing costumes for the Book Week Character Parade. The children looked amazing with many outstanding costumes. By the smiles on everyone’s faces it was an event enjoyed by all. Thanks Mrs Cutler, for your efforts in coordinating the many activities children and classes could participate in. The class displays for the shorted listed books looked great, well done, students and teachers. It was a very successful Book Week celebration.​