2021 Term 2 Student Learning Progress


This term we have seen excellent learning progress in reading and writing across all year levels.

In the early years, students have made excellent progress in Concepts About Print, Sound Letter Knowledge as well as PM reading progress. 

In the upper years, student writing data has continued to improve with students achieving higher results in writing scores focused on the eight aspects of literacy. 

Student reading data has also improved with students showing good progress through their Probe Results. 

Well done students and teachers!  Keep up the excellent effort and focus with your individualised targeted teaching and supports.

Parent Teacher Interviews and Student Reports
Under current Australian Government legislative requirements related specifically to reporting student progress and achievement, schools must provide: 
an opportunity for the child and parents to meet with the child’s teacher at least twice a year 
a written report to parents at least twice yearly written in plain English. These reports should include for each learning area or subject studied, assessment against achievement standards, including any available national standards, using a five point scale, A, B, C, D, E or an equivalent five point scale, clearly defined against learning standards 
(at a minimum), an offer of information on a child’s achievement relative to the child’s peer group (cohort data). 

Semester 1 Reports will be uploaded to the Parent Portal on Thursday afternoon. Parents are encouraged to log in to the Parent Portal to download and view student reports. 

Parent Teacher Interviews are scheduled for the second week of Term 3 commencing on Monday 19th July. Parents are encouraged to book their parent teacher interview through PTO - Parent Teacher Online tile located on the BCE Connect App. Morning and afternoon appointments are available throughout the week. If the remaining timeslots available do not suit, please contact your child’s class teacher to arrange a suitable time to meet. 
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