2021 Safety Online

Internet Safety for kids.jpg 

Keeping students safe online is a very important responsibility especially as students enter more and more into the digital world. As teachers and parents, we play a critical role in helping to develop students skills to be responsible digital citizens whilst also understanding how to protect themselves online. 
When students become confident digital citizens and users of the internet and social networks it is important as adults that we understand what our children are accessing and using so that we can ensure their safety online. Do parents know the minimum
age requirements to access or hold accounts for each application students use? Do you as parents know all the people they may be friends with online. 
Like the real world it is important that we teach children about safety whilst engaging in the virtual world. In supporting students
to be safe whilst online, I would encourage all parents to work with their children to ensure age-appropriate access to applications, whilst also ensuring the correct personal and private settings are in place to minimise risk and maximise enjoyment. Knowing what your children are doing online is most important as we support children to have successful and safe online experiences.