2021 Priestly Ordination of Deacon Francis


Congratulations to Deacon Francis who will be ordained as a Priest in just over a week's time.  This joyous celebration will be held at St Stephen's Cathedral in Brisbane on Tuesday 29th June commencing at 7pm.

Answering the call
"Let us cross over to the other side,'' says Jesus in today's gospel. We read that Jesus and the disciples sail across the lake encountering a storm along the way. When the frightened disciples wake Jesus he calms the storm and asks "why were you frightened?" In some ways this is a pattern of the life of the saints we will be celebrating between today and my ordination. They "had it all" but chose to go out upon the deep with Christ.
St. Aloysius who had a great career ahead of him, set it aside to join the Jesuit missionaries. He worked with plague victims until he himself succumbed. St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More were loyal officials before King Henry VIII. They too had promising careers ahead of them if only they would condone his errors. They refused and were martyred. St. Paulinus of Nola was a successful politician who gave away his wealth to live the monastic life. He accepted the invitation to be ordained a priest and set up hospices for the sick and poor pilgrims. St. Peter and St Paul too gave up their lives of fishing and Phariseeism, respectively to heed Jesus' call to follow him.

Each of these saints at some point had to make the journey, perhaps several times to "go to the other side” with Jesus. They had to leave behind the safety of their own life and sail out over the stormy and unknown. It was there that they experienced the power of Christ. This experience allowed them to live out their sainthood freely because they knew who was calling and who was with them in their boat, in their life.

On the 29th I too will "go over to the other side": in a formal sense in the ordination ceremony, but also in the sense that I will continue on a lifelong journey of pushing further out into the deep with Jesus. I hope that one day I will become Saint Francis! I have this hope not because I will get ordained. I hope rather in the countless invitations by Jesus to "go across to the other side" whatever adventures they bring with them. This call is for everyone of course. We are all called to holiness and sainthood. May we all have the trust in Jesus to respond to his daily invitations and become saints with him in heaven.

God bless, Francis
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