2021 Power Our Love of Learning

We, the Year 6 leaders of OLGC would like to inform you of one of our learning success stories, whilst also offering you an opportunity to support our latest project and assist OLGC in powering a Love of Learning for all students, now and into the future. For the past two years we have actively engaged in learning and prepared a Learning and Growing Expo. During this experience we joined with industry partners to grow our knowledge and then educate thousands of students about food production and the STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics involved in agriculture. Throughout this unit of work we explored how food is produced and more importantly how it is produced efficiently and sustainably in the 21st Century.

Through our deep learning we have now applied this knowledge to our own local context, through the installation of our school’s solar system. This system now helps power our school reducing our need for power from the grid, whilst also caring for the environment through reducing our greenhouse emissions. By analysing our school’s data, we can see that our efforts are making a real difference within our school and in the wider community. Through this rich, relevant and real learning experience we are now inspired to take the next step. In the words of Sir David Attenborough, “What happens next is up to every one of us”.

As a Year 6 learning group we have been inspired by our school’s effort and want to value add to our school’s solar system. Our aim is to be a school that is fully powered by renewable energy. Our Solar Project has three main aims, 
1. Reduce power waste
2. To be a 100% renewable School
3. Care for God’s Creation. 

Now this is where the fun starts, as Mr Haley fully supports our project and has allowed us to take the next step and implement our Solar Project. As a group our aim is to raise enough funds to add further panels to our school, reducing our consumption and increasing our potential to export clean green energy back to the grid.

To raise these funds, we are offering you the opportunity to join us in taking the next step to a renewable future by sponsoring one of the school’s solar panels. In doing so, your name or business name will join our power wall titled ‘Power our Love of Learning’ in recognition of your support in helping. We would love to have your name proudly displayed on our power wall and this can be achieved for the low cost of $50.00. If you are as passionate as we are, feel free to sponsor more than one panel to help us reach our targets faster.

Yesterday, after Mr Haley approved our project, we immediately got to work to promote our Solar Project in the hope to reach our targets and goals. This included informing staff of our plan and persuading them to contribute to this outstanding initiative. By the end of the day, we had already exceeded our first target and had 11 panels sponsored. Overnight this number has grown with a further commitment of 7 panels. Already, in less than 24 hours we have raised $900 towards our project all by word of mouth!

Thank you for taking the time to hear our story and we hope you consider supporting our project. If you would like to support the Solar Project you can make payment through QKR, by selecting the school payment tab and going to the Solar Project or by calling the school on 07 5460 2999.

As Year 6 Leaders, we commit to TEAMWORK to make this DREAM WORK as we strive to sustainably power our Love of Learning!

Sincerely and with thanks

Year 6 OLGC Leaders