2021 Outstanding Learning Growth


This week preliminary NAPLAN data was released to schools. The OLGC Leadership Team was very excited to see this data showing the wonderful progress and growth that has been made.

The OLGC staff have been working very hard for many years now to support every student’s learning by applying differentiated teaching and learning practices within classrooms. To successfully achieve differentiated practice, teachers need to consistently use student learning data to inform their next steps in teaching and differentiated support to ensure all students are progressing.

Annual NAPLAN testing allows schools to effectively see progress over time, in particular student growth over a two-year period. Below is a table showing the outstanding growth achieved by our Year 5 students from 2019-2021. The data used and scale used is based on John Hattie’s work on effect size. 12 months growth = 0.4 therefore we would expect to see growth
above 0.8 to say students have made the expected progress.
Last year NAPLAN testing did not go ahead so we have not been able to use this standardised assessment data to see a comparative effect on progress against other schools in our system and across Australia since commencing some of the implemented initiatives to improve student learning outcomes. As a learning community we should all be very proud of these results, as we know successful education is dependent on a partnership involving the students, the school and the home.

As a staff we have been applying the following motto now for years to support student learning.

As a staff our role is to TEACH, work Together to Enhance All Children Here. How we do this is through READAS by being Really Enthusiastic About Developing All Students. As a staff we believe that if we all play our part OLGC will be achieved, Outstanding Learning Growth Consistently.

As you can see the above data is very exciting and rewarding to see and it is our hope that we can continue the wonderful work that has been occurring, so that we can achieve OLGC - Outstanding Learning Growth Consistently. Well done to our Year 3 and 5 students for the excellent results that they have achieved, as shown through their NAPLAN results. 

We look forward to sharing the individual student results with parents once received by the school.