2021 National Simultaneous Storytime



National Simultaneous Storytime (NSS), now in its 21st year, is a colourful, vibrant, fun event that aims to promote the value of reading and literacy, using a book written and illustrated by an Australian author and illustrator.

The book is read simultaneously in libraries, schools, childcare centres, family homes, bookshops and many other places around the country.

This year the chosen book is Give Me Some Space by Philip Bunting, a delightful story of Una, a young girl whose mission it is to be an astronaut and explore space.

As a special treat this year, children will be read the story by NASA Astronaut, Dr. Shannon Walker from the International Space Station!

After the reading, students in Prep-Year 3 will complete some fun activities related to the book, then come together to share their work and learning.

We are looking forward to this exciting event!!