2021 Gatton Show Art Entry Results

21 Show.jpg

The Gatton Show has wrapped up for another year and what success the students have had with their Art entries.

As a school we entered the majority of categories with spectacular results. I am immensely proud of the calibre of work the students produce and more importantly for the sheer joy they show when in engaged in a creative project.

There were an abundant of fantastic entries from so many students; from across many schools and kindys that I am certain the official judges would have had a hard time determining the award winners.

Our winning entries have been collated to go on display in our new library. This will allow the students and families whom were unable to attend the show to see the wonderful work on display. More information will be provided shortly.

Again, a BIG THANK YOU to all students who submitted work and an ENORMOUS CONGRATULATIONS.

💙 Mrs Brouwer


  • CHAMPION SCHOOL (most points- Trophy and Sporting Goods) Our Lady of Good Counsel- combined entries
  • CHAMPION PIECE (Sash and Trophy) Jax (Year 1)
  • DRAWING (Certificate/ribbon and prize money) Kurt (Year 6) Dayne (Year 3) Miki (Year 3)
  • PAINTING (Certificate/ribbon and prize money) Simer (Year 6)
  • HANDWRITING (Certificate/ribbon and prize money) Laura (Year 1) Mitchell (Year 1)
  • DESIGN AND PRINTING  (Certificate/ribbon and prize money) Melody (Year 5) James (Year 5) Harry (Year 5) Kurt (Year 6) Lilly B (Year 6) Stella (Year 3) Jack (Year 1) Seerat (Year 1) Esha (Year 1) Kaliah (Year 3) George (Year 3)
  • TEXTILE ART (Certificate/ribbon and prize money) Laura (Year 1) Taylah (Year 4)
  • BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION (Certificate/ribbon and prize money) Marcellus (Year 2) Angel May (Prep) Nathaniel (Prep) Lily B (Year 6) Eamon (Year 2) Thomas (Year 3) Jax (Year 1)
  • COLLAGE (Certificate/ribbon and prize money) Imogen (Year 6)
  • GRAND CHAMPION COLLAGE (Trophy) Lilly M (Year 3)
  • RECYCLING- TURNING WASTE INTO ART (Certificate/ribbon and prize money) Lily B (Year 6)
  • ​DIGITAL MEDIA (Certificate/ribbon and prize money) Simer (Year 6) Seerat (Year 1)