2021 Explicit Improvement


Whilst we work to inspire in students a love of learning, we also understand the important connection between learning, reading, listening, and comprehending. In the early years we support students to learn to read, as reading is core to all learning. As students get older, they understand the value in being a confident reader who can comprehend what has been read, as through understanding we make real world connections to our learning and life. For so many people reading becomes a joy and a wonderful activity to do for enjoyment and relaxation.

This term, teachers will continue to focus explicitly on reading improvement across all year levels in the school. Teachers will again work with students to develop individual reading goals. For some students, these goals may include decoding unknown words for others it may be on comprehension or reading with fluency. No matter the goal, we know the importance that daily and sustained reading has on student learning. I thank parents for your support and encouragement of home reading. As we support students to be confident readers it is important that we provide multiple ways for students to experience reading. These include being read to,
reading together with your child, and allowing your child to read to you. Reading with your child can be a very enjoyable, fun, and rewarding time in their lives. I encourage all families to make the time in the day to enjoy this special time and opportunity and have fun reading with your children.