2021 Emu Gully Year 5 Leadership Camp

21 Emu Gully v2.jpg

This week our Year 5 students will head off on their leadership camp to Emu Gully. I wish them all the very best for their three-day camp. At Emu Gully the students will learn a lot about themselves and how their contribution to group activities influences the success of the group. Leadership can happen at all levels, and it does not just occur through the loudest voice. On camp students will discuss and develop many important skills around leadership. Through each activity students will be required to apply these skills as they work collaboratively to be successful at each challenge. Students will hear important stories about mateship, courage, self-sacrifice, and service to others. It is through these stories and activities that we hope students come to understand the importance of service to others, putting the group ahead of individual needs and desires. I wish our Year 5 students all the very best as they head off to camp and I look forward to joining them on Wednesday for their activities. Over the past couple of years these students have really matured and I look forward to hearing their leadership speeches in the coming weeks and see them share their leadership qualities in 2022. Enjoy the experience Year 5 students and staff!​