2021 Day for Daniel


Next Friday, October 29, we will recognise the Day for Daniel by encouraging students and staff to wear red. The Day for Daniel reminds us all of the very important safety messages that help to ensure the protection of children. As society changes, so does the messages around keeping children safe. When I grew up it was all about road safety, bike safety and a little bit about stranger danger. Now it is all that and more. How do we keep children safe whilst online? How do we prevent children being exposed to danger acts often promoted through online social media platforms?

Without a doubt as parents and teachers it is most important that we are always vigilant about what our children are doing, what they are seeing and viewing online and what impact may it have or being having on their health and well-being. In wearing red next Friday, may we be reminded to take the time to teach our children these very important skills to remain safe in the many different situations students are exposed to through life and learning.