2021 Classroom Targeted Emotion Regulation Program


This year at OLGC, students will be involved in a program focussed on developing emotion regulation skills as part of the health and wellbeing curriculum.

Emotion reguilation skills ar eimportant not just for your child's mental health but also development of their social and communication skills, behaviour and ability to self-regulate, learning and development of independance skills.

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop upon their understanding of emotions and their functions
  • Understanding of their 'body clues' (behavioural and physiological symptoms) that help them to identify and manage the emotion before it escalates​ 
  • Develop upon their strategies to manage their emotions, including distraction, mindfulness and elaxation and cognitive restructuring
  • Managing worry and frustration in learning and developing a growth mindset
  • Understanding anger as a secondary emotion and appropriate wys to express and manage this emotion
  • Developing insight and understanding of how inappropriate expressions of emotions impact ourselves and others
These skills and learning will also be reinforced and implemented by the class teacher within social and learning contexts.
If you have any questions about the program, please contact the school Guidance Counsellor - Lea Ser.​