2021 Catholic Perspectives

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Over the last few years, Brisbane Catholic Education has been working on ways to Strengthen the Catholic Identity within its schools. It is through this work that each subject area now has a Catholic Perspective lens that teachers look through when planning the content to be taught. At OLGC, we have been working with teachers specifically in the areas of Health and English, and this semester we are bringing these Catholic Perspectives to the students. Each fortnight, we will share a Catholic Perspective pillar which your child may be looking at when they are completing their learning this term and the types of questions that are being asked in class.

Catholic Perspectives in English- Exploration of Catholic perspectives in the area of English identifies the value of each person created in the image and likeness of God. Respectful interactions are encouraged so that everyone is enabled to flourish. Literature and resources used should aim to challenge students to think, to feel, to value and to act in accordance with Gospel values and should not shy away from an ethical dimension and the promotion of a critical response to dilemmas.

Catholic Perspectives in Health- Exploration of Catholic perspectives in the area of Health is varied depending on the age of the students. As a general guide, students learn that humans are made in the image of God and that each person is to be respected, cared for and kept safe. Students understand that their body is a good and precious Gift from God and about body ownership, privacy, respect and responsibility.  They learn about respectful relationships, love and forgiveness.  They learn about God’s plan for people to help each other to be happy, healthy and safe.

Naomi Boyle
Assistant Principal Religious Education