2021 Catholic Education Week 25-31 July 2021

CEW Mass 2021.jpg 

This week we celebrate Catholic Education Week and the remarkable role Catholic Education has played in Australia for 200 years. Catholic education in Australia commenced in 1820 with the first school educating 31 students in Parramatta. Since Catholic education commenced it has catered for the religiously diverse with seven Protestant students being among the first pupils taught. Today there are over 1700 Catholic schools in Australia educating over 780,000 students and employing over 100,000 staff.

This year’s theme is A Spirited Tomorrow. During the current challenges of the world in which we presently live, this year’s theme is certainly a good reminder of the importance on focusing on the future and embrace the present with enthusiasm to ensure a spirited tomorrow. At OLGC we work hard to develop students who are well prepared for the future as our motto says, ‘A place of rich history, vibrant growth and promising future.’ May we continue to be inspired by all who have gone before us in Catholic Education as we work hard to develop a learning community for A Spirited Tomorrow.​