2021 Be a HERO When It Comes to Your Safety

Hero poster.JPG

Keeping students healthy and safe at school is our priority and staff work hard to ensure student safety whilst at school and travelling to and from school. This is a copy of the Student Protection Poster used at all Brisbane Catholic Education Schools – Be a Hero when it comes to Your Safety. On this poster there are also some very good and useful messages that can be applied to many experiences. 

Students are shown and taught these keys messages at school and I would again invite parents to have discussions with your
child around keeping safe. Two of these key messages are, ‘Be Alert and Have a Plan.’ In having these discussions with our children, we help them to be confident in having a plan of action in many and varied situations. Often these plans need to be different in different situations. How do I keep myself safe online, at school, on the bus or in the community? Having these discussions with your child can reduce their anxiety and develop their confidence to seek adult support. Can your child name five adults that they could talk to if feeling sad or unsafe in these situations?

Supporting children to develop these skills and knowledge empowers them and builds their confidence whilst also reducing their exposure to hazards and risks. On the school portal under BCE Policies you will find a copy of our Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy. If at any stage you or your child feels like they require additional support, please make contact with the school so that we can provide support through our Student Support Team.