2021 All Saints Day and All Souls Day

All Saints Day.jpg

Monday and Tuesday this week, are important dates in our church calendar. Monday the 1st November is ALL Saints Day. All Saints’ Day is also known as All Hallows’ Day. It is a Christian celebration in honour of all the saints from Christian history. On this day we remember all the saints and allow the memory of their Faith to spur us on to deeper worship and greater service to the Lord. They were ordinary people whose faith in God allowed them to do God’s will.

Tuesday 2nd November is All Souls Day. On this, we remember the faithful departed. It is a day set aside to remember “ordinary saints.” The day honours those whose life and witness, deeply touched our own. Instead of a day of mourning, our remembrance focuses on the hope of the resurrection, both theirs and ours. We give thanks for their faithful testimony.