Science Factory 2017

 Arts Council Visit – 5th & 6th September 2017Science Factory.jpg
This week, Science Factory visited OLGC and students from Prep – Year 6 spent a 90minute session in the hands on workshop.

There was a wide variety of interactive activities set up in the library and undercover area for students to explore a wide range of exciting and challenging  science and creative thinking activities.
The aim of the workshop is to teach accurate scientific concepts and reinforce them through simple hands-on experiments. The key functions of creative and critical thinking include, generating alternative ideas and solutions, problems solving, making new connections, and seeing things from a different perspective. Every activity had easy to follow instructions and a graded question card making each session a guided discovery lesson. Students could create, invent and improve their overall thinking skills in a fun and educational way. Thanks to the students for their wonderful engagement and behaviour.
Mrs Fiona Drew—Primary Learning Leader