2019 NAPLAN Online School Readiness Testing

Naplan Online.jpg

Next Monday and Tuesday our Year 2 & Year 4 students will participate in NAPLAN Online School Readiness Testing. In recent years the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority – ACARA have introduced an online NAPLAN Test. This test has been rolled out to schools with more schools transitioning to NAPLAN Online over the past two years. Next year OLGC is scheduled to transition to NAPLAN Online with our Year 3 & 5

students participating in the online version of the test. As part of the school readiness process, our Year 2 & 4 students will participate in a similar style online testing session. During this session we will be testing our school’s network to ensure its capabilities in running this test as required and smoothly with a large number of students being connected all at once. During this test session teachers will also be monitoring student participation ensuring that they have the required digital skills to all successfully participate in NAPLAN Online. These tests are not

scored and are simply designed to test network capabilities. Having our Year 2 & 4 students participate will also assist them in preparing for NAPLAN Online as they will have been exposed to a similar testing environment in which the 2020 NAPLAN Online tests will be provided. I look forward to sharing the outcome of testing once the School Readiness Testing is complete.