Our Lady of Good Counsel is committed to providing boys and girls an affordable, contemporary Catholic education. Known affectionately as OLGC, we offer your family a school that promises the best future for your child.

Why choose Our Lady of Good Counsel?

Our school provides a welcoming faith environment and a variety of experiences for each and every student. We develop a collaborative working partnership with parents, children, our parish and other agencies of the church. It is through these strong partnerships that students develop as capable learners and well-adjusted people of faith and values.

Pastoral Care

It’s not surprising when your child feels valued as an individual and enjoys attending school each day, greater engagement with their learning occurs. We are committed to providing the best care possible for your child. Catholic schools such as OLGC are renowned for fostering resilience, compassion, and forgiveness among our students, parents and staff.

Religious Life

We teach your child about the Catholic religion and its traditions; and teach people to share our religious identity and culture. Students study the Catholic faith, are involved in regular prayer and celebrate God’s presence sacramentally through mass. They are taught to ‘Make Jesus Real’ by building positive relationships with their peers and improving the lives of others through acts of social justice.

Do I or does my child need to be Catholic? You do not need to be Catholic for your child to attend OLGC. If like us, you are committed to holistic education and support the ideal of an inclusive community, you are warmly welcomed.

Our Curriculum

The OLCG academic curriculum is of the highest standard, deigned to engage both boys and girls. The expectation is that all boys and girls should work hard and embrace a pursuit of excellence in all areas.
Teachers focus on the core foundations of Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography and the Arts. Significant emphasis is given to teaching the children to develop a love of reading. We integrate technology, ensuring all children from Prep to Year 6 engage with a contemporary education.

Our specialist teachers offer a range of subjects. All children from Prep to Year 6 are taught in the areas of Music, Physical Education, Drama (Prep – Year 3) and German (Year 4-6).

What else?
All children participate in physical education. In Term 1 and 4, children take swimming lessons by qualified swim instructors at the Lockyer Valley Sports and Aquatic Centre.
Boys and girls in Year 6 enjoy inter-school sports, including cricket, softball, volleyball, football (soccer), touch football and netball. Games usually take place on a Friday, with a gala day each term.

All children from Prep to Year 6 participate in swimming, cross country, ball games and athletics.
Contemporary Facilities

We are blessed with a well-resourced school. Fully air-conditioned, with spacious grounds and a newly built Administration and Learning Support Centre, we also offer a networked computer lab, laptops and iPads.

A Rich History

The Sisters of Mercy opened our school gates in 1917 and today, we remain nourished by the charism of their founder Catherine McAuley, an extraordinary woman who bestowed mercy to those who were poor, sick and uneducated.  This year our school community has also celebrated our Centenary.
“The simplest and most practical lesson I know… is to resolve to be good today, but better tomorrow”.
Catherine McAuley 1778 - 1841
At OLGC your child will develop through a holistic education. We challenge children academically and care in a positive and supportive manner, instilling a love of learning, and encouraging your child to work hard to achieve their personal best. Please visit us, to see our wonderful facilities and to meet our exceptional teachers and talented students.

We are truly proud that ‘OLGC is a place of rich history, vibrant growth and promising futures!’

Nathan Haley