2020 White Balloon Day

White Balloon.png

Fri​day September 11 was White Balloon Day.  White Balloon Day is Bravehearts’ signature awareness and fundraising campaign encouraging Australians to work together to prevent child sexual assault and exploitation. 

Held annually on the first Friday of September during National Child Protection Week, White Balloon Day was first adopted by Bravehearts in 1996. White Balloon Day has since changed the face of child protection in Australia, helping to increase the rate of
disclosures of child sexual assault and exploitation to Police, as well as increase awareness about how to protect children from harm. Parents can help by teaching these essential personal safety skills to their children at home from as young as three years old. Bravehearts’ Parent Guide to Personal Safety is a free downloadable resource that will assist parents with this task which can be found in the Useful Resources section on the White Balloon Day website. https://whiteballoonday.com.au/