2020 Welcome Back to School Term 2 Week 1

Dear Our Lady of Good Counsel Learning Community,

Can I say a very big THANK YOU to parents, students and staff for your outstanding efforts in supporting student learning during alternative schooling. We often use the terms ‘collaborative learning’ and ‘being on a learning journey together’ and there is no better example of this occurring than our current experience. In checking in with families, I have heard parents say that some of their challenges initially was learning Teams themselves. This is also true for our students and teachers. We have all been on a very steep learning curve over the past couple of months as we have worked to adapt to implemented changes during a health pandemic.

Out of necessity comes opportunity and I sincerely thank parents for your open communication, patience and hard work as we work together to do our best to support continuity of learning for our students. Each family situation is different, and I know this has influenced the way families have managed and embraced the current opportunity. Feedback to date has generally been very positive and we do know that this has grown as student and parent confidence has grown throughout the week. We do know that it hasn’t all been smooth sailing as we have also adapted to become IT Technicians as we try to support and trouble shoot challenges as they arise. Again, can I thank parents for your patience and congratulate you on your fantastic work in supporting your students whether they are at school or at home.

The OLGC teaching staff are missing having all students at school and seeing their beautiful smiling faces in person each day. However, like many of the students, look forward to the morning check-in and online learning sessions where they get to stay connected with their students through the virtual world. This is very important for our overall well being and we encourage all students, families and staff to embrace each opportunity they have, to stay connected as we support each other through this uncertain time.

Nathan Haley