2020 Term 2 Week 9 From the Principal

Adapt Change.JPG 

Over the past few months, we have had to deal with the challenges presented to us by a pandemic. In dealing with the pandemic and its challenges, we have also seen an emergence of a new or more prominent vocabulary. Terms like unprecedented, new normal, social distancing, self-isolate, essential works, non-essential travel, lockdown. Whilst we were hearing and learning this new vocabulary, we were having to understand its meaning and respond to it through our actions. As educators we have also had to unpack, understand, and respond to this language and approach learning in different ways. For educators, the new language and styles has included Alternative Education Provision, online learning, flipped learning, blended learning.

No matter the role we play in society we have all had to adapt and change our behaviour to the current context. Students learn how living things adapt and change as their environments have changed. Our landscape has certainly changed and over time 2020 will be a period in which we will look back and reflect on how things have changed. The extent to our success will depend on our mindset. We encourage students to have a growth mindset and if we approach it in the same way, we will see this period of time as an opportunity for growth and to be change agents. It is our time to be flexible, adaptive, creative, innovative. As we do this, we will shape and create the
‘new normal’ we will reshape - redesign contemporary learning.

I commend the OLGC Learning Community for your hard work and support over the past few months. Whilst planning for Alternative Education we heard much talk in the media about the impact that the pandemic was going to have on education and student learning. In hearing these reports the OLGC staff were determined to ensure that if there was going to be an impact it was going to be kept to a minimum, if at all. As all students returned to school our aim was to use our monitoring tools to know exactly where students were at on their return and really focus
our efforts on targeted supports. Apply differentiated learning to meet the individual needs of students through our short cycle planning. This focus has shown great results with our data showing that student learning has not been affected over the past term but rather has significantly improved.

Through the consistent use of monitoring tools over the past three years we can track student progress and growth. This data can then be compared with previous years student achievements and progress. It is by doing this data analysis that we are very excited about the progress made by students, thanks to the hard work and support provided by teachers and parents. Our end of Term 2 data is showing excellent growth in Concepts about Print, Sound Letter Knowledge, Reading Levels for PM and Probe along with Writing.

Congratulations students on your achievements throughout Term 2! We look forward to continuing to inspire in you, a love of learning and growing your learning. Keep up the excellent effort.​

Nathan Haley