2020 Real Talk Parent Information Evening November 9

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Let’s Talk: Puberty Sessions 
Real Talk is facilitating a reflection day for children on topics relating to Relationships and Sexuality Education.  
What does Real Talk do? Based on Catholic values, Real Talk provides up-to-date resources, interactive games and personal stories as part of our presentations. Our aim is to help young people to understand God’s amazing plan for love and life.    
Please be reassured the presentation focuses on topics that are developmentally appropriate to this age group and are based on the HPE curriculum. In particular, we will be discussing topics including: 
  • Self-image; 
  • Healthy relationships and friendships; 
  • Making good choices; 
  • The importance of body language;
  • The impact of the media (inc. social media); 
  • Characteristics of boys and girls;  
  • The physical and emotional changes of puberty. 
We appreciate the important role parents and caregivers have in educating their children on the topics of love and life. However, we know it can sometimes be difficult to know what to say and when. We want to empower you with information about topics including: 
Current culture;  • The digital world (including social media); 
Developmental changes occurring with puberty; • Tips for how you can help navigate these years; 
What we’re going to discuss with the students.