2020 Love Learning at OLGC

Love Learning.jpg

Over the past two weeks it has been wonderful seeing and celebrating student progress over the past five weeks. Teachers have been working hard to assess student learning progress during Alternative Education Provision so that they continue to support and progress all students in their learning.

Semester 1 reports are currently being prepared by teachers. These reports will be in the regular semester report format. In providing the 2020 Semester 1 report, we acknowledge the significant period of disruption that we have all experienced and understand that this has impacted on the regular teaching and learning in schools. This disruption has had an impact on the ability of teachers to effectively complete and collect assessment for all students in all learning areas. Teachers work hard to know where students are at in their learning and look
forward to reporting their progress. I acknowledge that this has been quite challenging for teachers this semester however we are and will do our best to provide an accurate report for each and every student no matter the learning environment and learning experience they have encountered this semester.​