2020 Combined P and F and Board Meeting November 11

P and F and Board.jpg

On Wednesday we will be holding a combined Board and P&F Meeting as we transition to a new model of community engagement. With increasing demands on families, it has become challenging to find role holders for a variety of community committees. It is acknowledged that there are many parents and friends who are more than happy to contribute and support the work of the P&F however find it hard to commit to additional roles over time. Especially when it comes to committee positions.

As a result, we have been exploring and discussing new models of engagement for school P&F’s. There are four models that are supported by Brisbane Catholic Education and these models were presented to the community members who have been attending recent P&F and Board meetings. The four models are:
  1. Separate P&F Association with full transfer of P&F Levy Receipts to P&F. (This is the​ current model at OLGC.)
  2. Separate P&F Association with minuted approval for P&F Levy to be Kept by the school.
  3. No separate P&F Association and NO community representatives assisting with decisions on expending school fundraised funds.
  4. No separate P&F Association but P&F/Community representatives who assist with decisions on expending school fundraised funds.
Model four is the preferred model as discussed at recent meetings. Through these discussions it is our hope that we will be able to set up a Community Consultative Committee where we will have a parent representative from each Year Level across the school. This consultative committee will encourage parent voice across the community and will bring the collective voice to decision making processes around expenditure of school fundraised funds. This model will include Community Consultative Committee meetings along with Casual Conversations as commenced earlier in the year prior to the impact of COVID-19. As a school we value the
collective voice of the community and look forward to working together in partnership to strengthen the OLGC Learning Community.

This week’s meeting is being held Wednesday 11th November commencing at 6:00pm.