2020 Brisbane Catholic Education Celebrating 175 Years of Catholic Education in QLD

CEW 2020.jpg

This week was due to be large a celebration across Brisbane Catholic Education to celebrate 175 Years of Catholic Education in QLD. Like so many other events, these celebrations have been postponed for this year. Instead, yesterday the students and staff acknowledge Catholic Education Week with mass. I congratulate Mrs Warskitt and the Year 5 students for preparing a very meaningful mass, connecting our story and this year’s kindness theme.

As we celebrate Catholic Education and reflect on the OLGC Story we acknowledge the significant contribution of the Sisters of Mercy. Whilst the world deals with the current pandemic, we can also connect and thank the Sisters of Mercy for their contribution to Healthcare. It was through Catherine McAuley vision that she established the Order of the Sisters of Mercy in 1831. Catherine’s Vision was to provide education and healthcare for women and children in Dublin, Ireland. In 1832, Catherine and her order agreed to staff a cholera hospital after a cholera epidemic hit Dublin. In a very short time, the Sisters of Mercy expanded around the world continuing their work in education and healthcare. We can thank the Sisters of Mercy for establishing Mater Hospitals and their vision and support continues today through these hospitals.

As we celebrate and acknowledge Catholic Education Week may we be inspired like Catherine McAuley to live out the Gospel each and every day as we reach out with kindness to others. This message was again reinforced with students today as it is also ‘Strive to be Kind Day’ -  “Kind words are like honey, sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.”