2020 Athletics



With school athletics season commencing Mr Coll will be working with students during H&PE lessons to learn techniques and skills for various disciplines. Although regional carnivals have been cancelled for 2020, we have commenced planning to allow students the opportunity to compete in each event. This year’s field events will take a different form with students learning and practising skills over a two-week period before participating in a competition at the end of the second week. This will mean there will be a mini carnival held every two weeks so that students can compete in each of the four disciplines high jump, long jump, discuss and shot put. These will be official events with measurements taken so students have an opportunity to record a current measurement in case future events are held and paper nominations are requested. 

It is our hope that later in the term we will also be able to host our track carnivals for sprints and relays. Again, this year’s carnivals may also take a different form to previous years as we strive to fit all events in for the year. As soon as details can be confirmed they will be communicated with parents. Presently we are working through Government Health Guidelines as we prepare for each of these events ensuring we again meet all health and safety requirements. I thank parents for your support and understanding as we continue to adapt to the ever-changing environment and requirements.