2019 Preparing for NAPLAN Online

Naplan Online.png

Currently as a school, we are preparing to move to the online form of NAPLAN in 2020. In preparation, MOQ Digital was engaged to conduct an audit of infrastructure and resources. Recently the school has received this report and is working to implement its recommendations. Included in this report is an ICT Implementation and roll-over plan for ICT resources. This year we will implement cycle one of the 3-year plan and have ordered 100 iPads to be rolled out across the school. We are reviewing ICT agreements and acceptable use agreements as we prepare for the distribution of these resources. We are also presently seeking quotes for the additional purchase of wireless access points to ensure smooth and efficient access across the school whilst using increased numbers of devices.

It is hoped the iPads will be received prior to the holidays to ensure imaging, bar coding and distribution for the commencement of Term 3. BCE has assisted schools in preparing for NAPLAN Online with OLGC receiving just under $31 000 in resourcing. This latest purchase will see nearly $50 000 worth of iPads rolled out across the school for student use in active and engaged learning.