2019 OLGC White Balloon Day

White Balloon Day.jpg
Yesterday, Year 3 led us in a lovely prayer to celebrate White Balloon Day. White Balloon Day is a day to have fun with friends and talk about how important kids are and what we can all do to help keep them safe. Every year, Bravehearts holds White Balloon Day and asks the community to help raise awareness so that they can keep visiting schools and childcare centres, with Ditto, the friendly lion cub, to teach kids about being safe. It’s important that all kids know that their body belongs to them and if they ever feel unsafe or unsure, about anything, they should run and tell an adult that they trust.

Ditto has 3 rules for kids to remember:

·We ALL have the right to feel safe with people!

·It’s OK to say “NO” if you feel unsafe or unsure.

·“Nothing is so yucky that you can’t tell someone about it.”

White Balloon Day is a day that helps us all to remember how important all children are and
how we all need to work together to keep children safe!

If you wish to learn any more about White Balloon Day, please visit their website where you will find many resources to help you discuss this with your family. https://whiteballoonday.com.au/