2019 OLGC School Fete & Major Raffle

Thanks parents for your support on the Free Dress Day held yesterday to raise funds to buy ingredients for the upcoming school fete on Sunday 25th August. Through this day the P&F raised $326.00. This week each family received a book of raffle tickets for the major raffle which will be drawn at this year’s fete. The P&F will again be offering ticket seller incentives. Families will be entitled to one free all-day ride pass for every five books of raffle tickets sold.

Congratulations and thank you to the large number of very keen ticket sellers who have already sold and returned your first book of tickets. Extra books of raffle tickets can be collected from the school office for those families looking to sell extra books to gain their free all-day ride pass.

Over the holidays extra books can be collected through Tennille Idle, Fete Convenor on 0422 766 469 or tennilleidle@yahoo.com.au. Sold books and money are required to be returned through the school office after the break.​

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