2019 Fete Free Dress Day

Free Dress Day August 15.jpg 

​Next Thursday 15th August students are invited to wear free dress in support of the upcoming school fete. Students choosing to wear free dress are asked to provide a family block, chocolate bar or bag of chocolates for the Lob-O-Choc stall. I again thank parents for your support of this year’s school fete and helping to make it an enjoyable and successful event.

Raffle ticket sales are going well, and I congratulate families for their wonderful efforts in selling tickets. Presently there are 15 families who have already earned a free all-day ride pass for selling five books of raffle tickets. Well done and keep up the wonderful ticket selling.

All-day ride passes have been added to Qkr for families looking to purchase all-day ride passes. These passes include all rides as well as the animal farm for the full five hours of the fete. All day passes are available for $30 pre-purchased or will cost $35 on the day. Please log into Qkr to pre- purchase your child’s all-day ride pass. I also remind parents that you can receive one free all- day ride pass for every five books of raffle tickets sold. Congratulations and well done to the families who have already achieved earning a free all-day ride pass.