2019 Celebrating Catholic Education in Queensland

Celebrating Catholic Ed.jpg

Next week we celebrate Catholic Education Week and this year’s theme is ‘Many Voices. One Spirit’. This theme has been chosen for its promotion and support of inclusiveness. The ‘Many Voices’ represent those of students, teachers, families, communities, parish, social services and government within all five dioceses in Queensland and include students of all educational ages (kindergarten to university), all genders and all beliefs.

‘One Spirit’ will be interpreted differently by different audiences and could include for example: faith, the Holy Spirit, charisms, or school spirit, team spirit, parish spirit, family spirit.

The theme brings feelings of energy, enthusiasm, love, joy, values, relationships, togetherness, learning, unity and belonging – all ideals relevant to Catholic schools in Queensland.

During Catholic Education Week 2019, Catholic education communities across Queensland are invited to celebrate and share how they represent Many Voices. One Spirit. May we be inspired by the theme and share the individual gifts that we make to Catholic Education.