2019 Attendance

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Attendance: Is your child meeting the minimum attendance requirement of 90%?

Presently our overall school attendance has 81.6% of students attending more than 90% of the time, the minimum required attendance as set out by Education Queensland. This equates to approximately one in every five children are not meeting the minimum required attendance. As a school we understand the importance of regular attendance in educational development and work hard to support students to ensure regular attendance. Miss Teagan Reilly our Guidance Counsellor is here to support students and families if needed to improve student mind frames and school attendance. Please make contact with the school if you require any assistance or support to improve your child’s attendance.

As part of the Attendance Matters Focus it is a target of having no unexplained absences. It is very important for families to make contact with the school if their child is away absent. Notifying the school of absences can be made through the Parent Portal or by contacting the school office on 5460 2999. Recently there has been an increase in the number of unexplained absences, taking a large amount of time away from our office staff as they follow up on these unexplained absences. Could I please remind parents to ensure that they contact the school to notify of any student absences by 9am daily.