2019 Activating Student Voice

Student Voice image.JPGThis term, the Year 5 students have been participating in the Student Voice Initiative.

The BCE Student Voice Initiative is designed to provide meaningful ways for students to have their say on ways to build and sustain safe school communities. It recognises and respects the fact that students know their world best and that we, as adults, can learn from students. During the Student Voice Pilot in 2017, students told BCE that they were particularly interested in having a say in building a safe and positive school culture. Hence the BCE Student Voice Initiative is focusing on co-creating safe school communities with students. Student Voice is about asking and really listening to what students have to say about issues that are important to them.

This is a two-year initiative that begins in Year 5 where students investigate safety concerns and create a persuasive digital pitch to present to the school. Students then vote for their top safety worries which forms the basis of their learning Year 6. Next year, the students will spend time finding solutions to the identified safety concerns and implement one of these solutions.

The Student Voice Initiative was developed with the guidance of many internal and external stakeholders and has many links with the Australian Curriculum.

Thank you to the Year 5 teachers for taking this initiative on and working towards activating student voice here at OLGC.