2018 Year 1 Excursion to Woolworths

Woolworths.jpg​On Friday the 14th of September, Year One went to Woolworths Plainlands to learn about healthy eating. We went on a tour of Woolworths and we saw how they make food and store it.

While at Woolworths we learnt what different fruits and vegetables do for our bodies and why it is important to eat the rainbow. Before we went back on the bus we tried lots of different fruits and made our very own fruit salads.

Year One would like to thank the staff at Woolworths for welcoming us into their store and for teaching us about why it is so important to eat fruits and vegetables for our bodies.

Year One would also like to thank Mrs. Utz, Ms. Bennett, Mrs. Macleod and Ms. Schultz for coming and helping us throughout the day.

Miss VK & Miss M