2018 World Teacher Day

world-teachers-day_81012.jpgToday we celebrate World Teacher Day to recognise the work that teachers do around the world. Teaching is a profession and, in many ways, it is also a vocation.

In the mid-eighties on his visit to Australia, Pope John Paul II, now St John Paul II visited the Institute of Catholic Education in Melbourne where he was both erudite and succinct in his summation of the work of Catholic educators. He addressed the council, staff and students with these words:

To be intimately concerned in the development of a young person, of hundreds of young people, is a highly responsible task. As teachers, you kindle in your students a thirst for truth and wisdom. You spark off in them a desire for beauty. You introduce them to their cultural heritage. You help them to discover the treasures of other cultures and peoples. What an awesome responsibility and privilege is yours in the teaching profession.

May the sacredness of our work bring light, renewed vision and hope to all who give and receive the gift of education in our communities.