2018 Remarkable Moments Day

Remarkable Moments 2018.JPG

On Tuesday afternoon, Our Lady of Good Counsel was visited by ‘The Remarkables’ who entertained the students with a Reader’s Theatre Performance of ‘Wombat Stew’. Students returned to their classrooms to engage in some Remarkable Reading and Writing experiences related to this book. Thanks to the staff from BCE and OLGC for

their performances on the day!

OLGC will be celebrating Remarkable Moments Day on Friday 9th November OLGC will welcome two members from Brisbane Catholic Education to celebrate Remarkable Moments Day. Teachers have been sending home Remarkable Moments Postcards to students in their class who have shown remarkable progress/effort/achievement in their work over the term.

To add to this special day, we would like to extend an invitation to all Parents and Carers to attend a Celebration of Learning in classrooms on Friday 9th November between 2 - 3pm.