2018 Planning for 21st Century Learning Environments

21st Century.png

Education is always evolving and this includes how we learn. As a school community it is our goal to ensure we are always reflective, open to change and see challenges as opportunities for learning. Although at times challenging, it is also exciting to help shape and create the future for our 21st Century learners. This year we will engage in professional dialogue and learning to ask ourselves, What sort of learning environment do we need to create to best support 21st Century learning and how best do we transition students from traditional learning styles to contemporary learning whilst also ensuring that they are all learning.

This year Brisbane Catholic education has provided all schools with a Revitalisation Grant to support schools as they transition to 21st Century learning environments. OLGC received $42,000 through this grant and will be using these funds along with a school contribution to purchase furniture and equipment to enhance classroom learning environments to make them flexible by nature, helping teachers to better cater for individual learning styles and teaching practice. Contemporary rooms cater effectively for direct instruction, collaboration whilst also allowing independent workers space to be self- directed and motivated learners. It is our hope that, through effective engagement, we create a love of learning for life in our students.