2018 OLGC Indigenous Program

idigenous flag.jpg

Increasing school attendance and advancing personal and academic achievements among students with Indigenous backgrounds has always been a key part of BCE Indigenous education.

As one of the BCE schools, OLGC understands that indigenous students learn best in an environment where their culture is valued. In semester one, the learning support was focused on academic mentoring, monitoring and supporting our Indigenous students through improving their academic outcomes. The BCE Indigenous participation officer, Gracey, has been in constant contact offering a range of cultural activities as well as supporting children emotionally.

On Wednesday, 27th June, we were delighted to have Marlon, the Aboriginal Cultural Tutor from the Ngutana-Lui Cultural Studies Centre visit and give a very interactive lesson. Ngutana-Lui is our BCE Indigenous partner and offers lessons in Aboriginal culture. At beginning of the session, Marlon engaged the children by teaching them greetings in the Aboriginal language and culture. He then shared a dream time story whilst teaching them to draw this story using Aboriginal art.

The children were also given a lot of opportunities to share their knowledge about the culture. This session was concluded with children receiving participation certificates from Ngutana-Lui Centre. Children were very excited to hear that Marlon will come back again in Semester 2. On behalf of the school we thanked Marlon for his valued knowledge and time with us and look forward to receiving his teachings again in the new semester.