2018 OLGC Athletics Carnivals

Athletcs.jpgYear 3-6 Athletics

Over the past couple of days our Year 3-6 students competed in the Senior Athletics Carnival. On Wednesday, the students participated in the track events including sprints, 200m & 800m. On Thursday, the students competed in the field events and these included Shot Put, Discus, High Jump and Long Jump. Throughout the course of these two days I witnessed outstanding sportsmanship through the way students encouraged each other and congratulated each other at the end of events. It was a delight to see and I commend all students for their determination and efforts. I thank and congratulate Mrs Ilka for preparing the students for these carnivals and the many staff and parents who assisted to make both days a success. I also thank the Ropehill Sports Centre Committee and Mrs Hoyling for co-ordinating and running the canteens.

Junior Athletics Carnival P-2

We now look forward to the Junior Athletics Carnival to be held on Tuesday 7th August. I am sure this day will also be a very enjoyable experience for our P-2 students. Over the past couple of weeks, I have seen students very excited about this upcoming carnival. We hope to again see a wonderful crowd to help make this a real carnival feel for these students.