2018 Annual Goals OLGC

Goal.jpgRecently I wrote in the newsletter sharing information around our Excellent Learning and Teaching Goals. Today I have included all ten Annual Goals for OLGC for 2018. These goals will continue to be our focus throughout the year as we strive to provide high quality teaching and learning, embedded with strong Catholic identity in a safe, supportive and sustainable learning environment through responsible stewardship. This year’s goals are:


1: Continue to embed a deep understanding of the Mercy Charism of the school through developing and making visible the school virtues.

2: Further develop and promote a re-contextualised view of Catholic Identity by creating a cohesive and integrated approach to the Religious Life of the School.

3: Teachers will collaboratively engage in short cycle planning, using the Religion Curriculum to effectively teach, assess and report on student learning progress.

4: Develop student, parent and staff understanding of the relevance of iconography, symbols and sacred spaces within the school so that they are recontextualised and the connections between my story, our story and the story is explicit and lived.

5: Further develop and consolidate the common language of learning to support positive behaviours for learning and effective teaching and learning processes.

6: Teachers collaboratively plan from the Australian Curriculum using short cycle planning and the 4C Model across Key Learning Areas of English, Mathematics & Religious Education to effectively progress all students in their learning.

7: Teachers use Essential Skills and Effective and Expected Practices to engage and enhance all students in their learning.

8: To plan and commence transition from traditional classroom to contemporary learning environments for the 21st century learner.

9: Enhance community safety through improving school facilities to ensure a safe environment is provided for all who visit our school.

10: Build sustainability in staff through developing teacher capability in supporting behaviour management, effective teaching and learning practices and student well-being.


OLGC staff believe in a growth mindset and with this mindset we will strive for improvement so that we can be the best school we can be. Supporting each and every student on their learning journey to be successful learners is our goal.