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 School Procedures (FAQ's)

Please select from the list below to view answers to some frequently asked questions about school procedures:

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Absence of the School Principal

In the absence of the Principal, the Assistant to the Principal Religious Education acts as Principal. Should the Assistant Principal be absent from school at the same time, a designated teacher acts as Principal.


Absence of a Student from School

If a child is absent from school at any time, parental notification outlining reasons for absence is required. This may be done by:

  • telephoning the school, or
  • writing a note to the class teacher.
  • for longer absences due to illness or other circumstances a letter from a medical practitioner may be required.


Bus Travel to and from School by Students

Many children travel by bus to and from school daily. We try to ensure that all children who catch the bus home from school are on the appropriate bus. For this reason we ask to be informed by way of note or telephone call if the travel arrangements for your child vary from the normal daily arrangements. Parents are responsible for arranging seats and payments for their child's travel on the appropriate bus.



Children in years 4 to 7 attend camp every second year. The next camp year is 2010. Students in Years 4 & 5 will attend Tallebudgera Fitness Camp and students in Years 6 & 7 will take a five day trip to Canberra. A Leadership Camp is held each year for year 6 children as part of the Leadership Program in the school.


Children's Property

No responsibility can be taken for property lost or damaged at school. Every effort is made to locate the owner of property which is found, but this is difficult when items are not marked clearly.


Disclosure of Information

At the time of enrolment parents/guardians are required to inform the Principal or relevant staff of any issues or conditions which may affect your child’s learning. Failing to disclose known conditions may result in a review of enrolment of your child. It is the aim of any review process to ensure that the school is able to cater for your child’s educational and individual needs.


Duty of Care Procedures before and after school

A Teacher will be on duty from 8.25 am – 8.40 am prior to commencement of school and from 3.00 pm until 3.15 pm. at the end of the school day.

Children travelling on the bus in the afternoon will be supervised by the teacher on bus duty until they board the relevant bus.

Children waiting for their parents will wait in the area between the Daniel Walsh Centre and main Office block, seated and quiet until collected at the front gate by their parent or guardian. Children leaving the grounds must inform the teacher on gate duty, that their parents/guardians are present or that they are walking home.

Any child present after 3.15 pm. will wait in the school office while their parents are contacted.


Head Lice

Head lice are a common problem that can only be defeated by vigilance from parents. All children with hair below the collar should have their hair put up or tied up. Please check your child’s hair on a regular basis and treat with a special shampoo at the first sign of head lice. If your child’s hairs show signs of live head lice, they will be sent home for treatment.


Outside of Hours School Care
At this stage we do not offer outside hours care. Several options are available locally. Please call at the school office for further information.


Personal Safety
Each person is unique and has responsibility for his/her own body. Each child has a right to feel safe and to be safe. Our personal development program aims to give the children the knowledge and strategies to enable them to cope with situations they encounter in their everyday life.



Please be assured that personal details about your family will be kept in the strictest confidence, and information only passed on to those directly involved with the education of your child. Please note that we cannot give out either addresses or phone numbers of families enrolled in the school. If your number is silent please inform the Principal at the time of enrolment.

Brisbane Catholic Education considers all personal, sensitive and health information of parents/guardians, students and prospective employees (considered Brisbane Catholic Education’s “consumers” under the Act) to be private and only uses information collected and recorded to fulfil the educational mission of the Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane. If you would like further information about the way Brisbane Catholic Education or a particular school manages the personal information it holds, please contact Brisbane Catholic Education via e-mail at privacy@bne.catholic.edu.au, telephone the Privacy Officer directly at the Brisbane Catholic Education Centre on 3840 0400, or write to Brisbane Catholic Education, Attention: Privacy Officer at GPO Box 1201, Brisbane QLD 4001.


Sickness & Accidents

Appointments during school hours:
If doctor, dentist or other appointments are made during school hours it is essential that the Class Teacher and School Office are given early notice to ensure that your child does not miss important work. A written notice should be handed to the class teacher informing them of the time the child will be leaving school and whether or not they will be returning to school after the appointment.

The child will be sent up by the class teacher with the parent’s note at the time the parent will be there to collect their child and the note filed by office staff on the student’s central file.

Contagious Conditions
When children have contagious conditions they should remain at home until they are no longer contagious. The Principal or their delegate has the right to exclude a student from school until it has been established that the child is no longer contagious. The Principal will follow the current regulations of the Department of Health concerning readmission of pupils who have had an infectious disease.

First Aid
In the case of minor accidents or illnesses the matter will be dealt with by the appointed First Aid Officers. All staff members are trained in First Aid and remain current with CPR practices and the like. Cold Packs and cloths are the only first aide we are permitted to dispense. For minor conditions these are very effective. Please note that staff members are not to administer any form of medication without the appropriate Request Form being completed. You may wish to include in your child’s bag some band aids so that they may use them if required.

Serious Injury or Illness
In all cases of suspected serious injury, illness or where there is uncertainty, medical assistance will be sought. The normal procedure is to contact the ambulance first in an emergency while at the same time trying to contact the parents/care givers. Your child is covered for ambulance use while in the care of the school. The focus of our procedures will always be to ensure the wellbeing of your child.


Sun Care

A number of strategies have been implemented to reduce sun exposure and help prevent skin cancer.

  • The children eat lunch and little lunch in covered areas during summer.
  • The children must wear the correct school hat.
  • NO HAT = NO PLAY = Staying in a covered area.
  • Shade structures have been erected.
  • The children are encouraged to use sunscreen on a daily basis.
  • Sunscreen should be applied before coming to school.



Children are supervised 20 minutes before school commences to the time of the departure of the afternoon bus [3.15 p.m.] There is no supervision of the children after school. The Adventure Playground is out of bounds after school.

No child is permitted to leave the school grounds without the permission of the Principal or his/her nominee. No child will be given into the custody of another person without the written permission of the parent or care-provider.



Boys and girls togs should be one piece. Speedo style togs are acceptable. Board shorts are not permitted unless the principal is notified. Bathing caps must be worn. It is recommended that sun safe shirts be worn when swimming. It is recommended that children wear thongs in the dressing room.


Workplace Health & Safety

The Principal is responsible for Workplace Health and Safety management at the school and is the person to contact if you have any concerns.