School Wide Positive Behaviour

Behaviour Support Plan


Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Primary School upholds its commitment to quality education through the promotion and consistent implementation of our Behaviour Support Plan. This plan, developed collaboratively through consultation with the various members of the school community (administration, teachers, school officers, parents, students and school support personnel), reflects not only the values and beliefs of this localised group, but also upholds the basic principles and guidelines of Brisbane Catholic Education Student Behaviour Support Regulations and Guidelines document (July, 2012). The practices within are consistent with Professional Standards for Teachers (National and State), Principles of Effective Teaching and Learning, the National Safe Schools Framework, and with the philosophy of inclusivity relating to gender, culture and diverse abilities.


There is emphasis throughout this policy on necessary compliance to acceptable social standards of behaviour that promotes a supportive and safe learning and working environment at our school. Also there is a focus on the promotion and development of rights and responsibility for all school community members, encouraging personal accountability for behaviour and the ability to translate responsible behaviour throughout contexts within and outside the school environment. The OLGC School Vision Statement outlines the commitment of all members of our community. Like other key learning areas in the school curriculum, socially-responsible and appropriate behaviour is a vital skill for our children so that they can experience success at school, in the workforce and throughout their lives. Through the implementation of the Behaviour Support Plan at our school, behaviour and resilience skills will be addressed and developed both implicitly and explicitly.

2019-2021 OLGC Behaviour Support Plan.pdf